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32nd Annual Emergency & Municipal Apparatus Maintenance Symposium

Monday September 23, 2024 – Friday September 27, 2024
Ohio Fire Academy
8895 E. Main St.
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

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Best Young Tech Award

Austin Matney, 23, was recognized by the Professional Tool & Equipment News (PTEN) as Best Young Tech. His quality of work and can-do attitude set this young tech apart from the rest. Matney works for the City of Ventura in California as an equipment mechanic II. (He was promoted two years ahead of schedule). His supervisor, Frank Palmer, fleet services supervisor, says, “He blew me away. As a 22-year-old, his maturity, knowledge, and awesome attitude are very impressive.”

Read more about this outstanding young tech here.

Ohio Association of EVT’s is proud to say that Jeff Yerian has been named EVT of the Year!

OAEVT is pleased to announce 2023 Emergency Vehicle Technician (EVT) of the Year Award, which recognizes outstanding efforts to promote a high standard of excellence in quality and safety in emergency vehicles.

The OAEVT Dispatch

To further our goal of encouraging, supporting and promoting the profession of Emergency Vehicle Technician through education and training, we have just released the first issue of The OAEVT Dispatch. You can read the first issue of our new newsletter by clicking here.

We look forward to your feedback and encourage you to suggest articles and ideas for future issues. Contact Al Conkle

NFPA 1910

Standard for Marine Firefighting Vessels and the Inspection, Maintenance, Testing, Refurbishing, and Retirement of In-Service Emergency Vehicles

We have been very busy these past few years with NFPA.  We still Chair the NFPA 1071/1910 Standard and participate in all of the Proffessional Qualification Standards (29).  So your OAEVT is active in the process. 

NFPA began an aggressive effort to consolidate Standards a few years ago.  Our 1071 Professional Qualification for EVT’s Standard is being consolidated with 1911 Automotive Testing Standard, 1925 Standard for Marine Firefighting Vessels, 1912 Refurbishing Standard.  The new standard will be numbered 1910 and tentative effective date will be 2024.

We have worked through the first stage of combining those standards .  Public comments are open for consideration from September 3, 2021 through November 12, 2021.

Below is the link to go to so you can see what the new 1910 Standard will look like. It is divided into separate chapters where specifics are necessary. This new version will include all Emergency Vehicles (see the new revised definition) including ARFF, Ambulance, Trailers, Refurbs, Marine Vessels, Testing, High Pressure Pumps, EVT’s and more.  You can view the purposed 1910 and make comments on-line.  All comments will be addressed by the Committee so this is your chance to make improvements in YOUR Standard!  Note at this stage no NEW Subject material can be added, however corrections and additions to existing content are welcomed.  The NFPA web site will ask for a sign on, If you or your FD are not members you can still register and get a sign on FREE!  Should you have an issue maneuvering into the 1910 document don’t hesitate contacting me for help, 419-351-8050 or [email protected].  

View NFPA 1910